What Information Can My Advisor Access With Pocket Plan?

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In this blog post, you will learn what the advisor connection looks like and what your advisor has access to. We’ll begin by looking at the account details section. Now I’m going to simulate a view of a Pocket Plan profile.

Now, the reason that an advisor would want to connect with you on Pocket Plan is to know your financial information so that they can help you. Any financial accounts that you’ve added to your Pocket Plan are available to the advisor with view-only access. That means that they can only look at your accounts, they don’t see your information, they don’t see your log-in information. They don’t have the financial account number that you see here. All they have access to is the information that you have provided through your Pocket Plan by connecting these accounts. We’ve organized all these accounts into assets, as you see listed here and then liabilities like you see listed here.

Now, all that data is organized into information using this quick report. Now, the quick report is helpful for an advisor who is going to meet with a client, where they need to get a sense of where that client is as a benchmark on their financial standing, and their financial health. We can tell the cash that that person has on hand, the value of all their assets, their assets their liabilities, and then a budget. The budget is broken down by how much money’s coming in, what’s going out, and then what needs to change to get the income figure higher than the expenses.  Now you’ll have a better understanding of what information the advisor can see and what information they have access to. Notice here that my client account hasn’t shared any scenarios with my advisor account.

Instead, what I do have access to is the basics here. This would be enough for the advisor to reach out and answer any questions that you might have. Also, if they were looking to discuss a specific solution, then that would be more relevant to you because there’s a clear understanding of how they can apply that solution to your financial situation.  If at any point you wanted to disconnect the access to an advisor, what you would do is sign into your account, and you go to your advisor connections and then delete the advisor from that connection. Now, I’m going to simulate that by going to my advisor directory.


I see that I’m connected here. So, what I would do is disconnect by clicking the red disconnect button there.


When I disconnect, the request is no longer there. The advisor isn’t connected to you, so they won’t have access to any information.  Now that I have disconnected my pocket plan, what you’ll notice is that the advisor no longer has access to your information. Hence, it’s helpful for you to get answers to your situation and, stay secure, keep your data secure. So, that’s what access the advisors have to your information using Pocket Plan. Watch the video above for a step-by-step process of how it’s all done. If you like to learn more about Pocket Plan make sure to visit our page at: pocketplan.io or visit our getting started page at: Getting Started Guide



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