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Manage your finances like a pro. Begin tracking your financial health in minutes. Simplify things with a  big picture view of Banking, Debt & Investment accounts using Pocket Plan.



Keep your accounts secure with activity tracking and notifications. Create a budget that helps you manage multiple accounts. Share the data with a spouse, family member, business partner or professional advisor securely. Instantly grant or revoke access.



Get answers to your questions in minutes. Our concierge service can answer your questions or connect you with an advisor to securely details about your situation. Build your personal board of directors with our white glove service.

Connect securely with an advisor who can help answer your questions

Track your financial health

See your big picture and forecast how close you are to your goals

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Manage account activity across credit, bank & investment accounts

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Measure if you own more assets or debt on your balance sheet

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Project hypothetical outcomes for your goals and share them with advisors

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Connect securely with an advisor who can help answer your questions

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 Connect your Pocket Plan to a licensed professional. They pay your subscription fee with view only access to your account data.



Give your employees personalized benefits that they’ll love.



Manage your personal Pocket Plan for you and a spouse. Unlimited accounts & 24/7 account concierge.



Grow your business with Pocket Plan. Connect with clients securely and offer value up front with a personalized app.



Give your employer personalized benefits that they’ll love.



Manage your personal Pocket Plan for you and a spouse. Unlimited accounts & 24/7 account concierge.


Ready to Build Your Freedom Plan?


Pocket Plan is an easy to use social engagement tool that builds your financial plan in minutes. Forecast future results or share your data with Financial Professionals securely.

Pocket Plan was founded by Nathan Garcia, a veteran financial advisor and licensed Investment Manager. Pocket Plan merges Nathan’s financial planning process into a shareable technology to help people get financially secure and collaborate with professionals.


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