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Pocket Plan is an easy to use social engagement tool that allows you to build your financial plan in minutes and share that data with Financial Professionals that you choose. 

Pocket Plan was founded by Nathan Garcia to solve the challenges he faced daily as a financial advisor. After over a decade of experience in the Financial Services industry, Nathan was still frustrated with the technology to help people get financially secure.

Many of his clients didn’t have a budget, but this was a primary factor to their success in Retirement. Further, many clients wouldn’t fully implement a financial plan because they didn’t have access to the inputs that made up the plan or ability to manipulate the plan themselves. Finally, when Nathan would meet with his client’s other advisors such as a CPA or Attorney, he would find that they didn’t have access to a holistic or current view of their client’s finances. 

Those were the primary challenges Pocket Plan aimed to solve.

As a team, we are an internationally distributed team that works across different time zones 6 days a week. Our team follows Agile project management and we lean on technology like Slack, Asana and Google Suite to stay productive. 

We respect your personal life and think it’s healthy to take time off. You’re free to express yourself and differing opinions are listened to and respected. If you’re interested in learning more about working with Pocket Plan, please review the jobs below. 

Meet Our Team


Nathan Garcia

Nathan Garcia is a Certified Financial Planner. He has built over 1,000 retirement plans since joining the Financial Services industry in 2007.


Ray Dickenson

Ray is a technologist. He is an Agile scrum master. He specializes in network development in the IOT space.

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What's your Retirement Score? Find out in Minutes

What's your Retirement Score? Find out in Minutes

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