Elevate Your Business

Connect with clients faster, offer a better service experience and get better data. Try Pocket Plan today for just $1 to experience the Future of Retirement.

Provide a higher level of service to clients with minimal effort

Spend more time helping clients by importing their balance sheet and cash flow statements based on their account info.

Onboard Clients Faster

No more chasing clients for statements. No more incomplete account information. Clients can securely connect their financial accounts from their phone and share them with you in minutes.

Get account information faster

Allow clients to connect their financial accounts securely so you can spend more time providing advice.

View complete account data

View full account information including account details, investment positions, transactions and more.

Keep account data current

Keep account information current with real time monitoring of accounts, investments and transactions.

Spend less time doing data entry

Test your strategy, advice and portfolio recommendations faster after connecting client accounts.

Start with a better foundation

Unlock more revenue opportunities while providing better service while using client data on template reports.

Export reports to your daily tools

Connect your account to GSuite or Microsoft Office 365 to allow clients to book meetings on your calendar or export reports to your shared drive.

Desktop Features

Build your business faster than ever before

With Less Effort

Monitor the most meaningful client actions straight from the desktop app. View client activity, schedule appointments, create tasks for your team and connect with other professionals all from the secure portal.

Let clients show you what they want to see

Using Custom Scenarios

Scenarios allow your clients to:

Engage with clients based on their goals

Continue the conversation at home by allowing clients to manipulate a plan and test inputs to for a "what if" scenario.

Allow clients to make changes to plans

Create plans that clients can test and adjust on their own. Increase follow through on recommendations and advice.

Advisor Pricing


$1 / Month

$15.97 / Client

Try 1 Client Free 


$60 / Month

$12.97 / Client

Includes 10 Households Monthly

Marketing Tools


Financial Reports


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